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How does Jumpa work?

There are many different aspects to Jumpa but the concept is quite simple. Be active and earn yourself rewards!

There are a few ways of letting us know about your activities that will earn you those rewards. Once we have this information, we will allocate points to your account that you can then redeem whichever way you choose.

Our points redemption store offers you a selection of different gift vouchers for retailers, services, etc and also offers you the opportunity to donate points to the charities we work with.

  • Link your favourite activity trackers to Jumpa and get out there to clock up those activities
  • Use the services of our partner fitness service providers and scan their unique QR code using the Jumpa app
  • Enter and complete the challenges offered by Jumpa or our sponsors
  • Make things even more interesting by challenging your friends to see who is more active
  • We are currently working on even more ways to earn those points and to allow you to claim your rewards even sooner